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Shut the world off, please, I’m going back to bed
Turn it over, out, and off lest these flowers will rise dead
They’ll plan all my schedules’ meetings, working overtime
Work out birthdays, dog walks, dentistry, and misanthropic pine
(That tree hanging over the house is going to fall and would just LOVE to take us all out)

Spur-like evenings bursting of thyme-flavored romance are impossible to find—
And they don’t just happen.
Fashion a respectable Christmas card before Christmas, take Wally to the vet,
Brush Baby’s teeth so clean you can see yourself in Baby’s toothy shine
Family dentistry on Tuesday family dentistry on Tuesday
Lawn getting high and taxes getting higher
If we even had the nerve to sell, we’d never find a buyer
But sweet Jeanie’s prepping for camp next week
Ah the sweet innocence of camp for her
O the perfect release of responsibility for her
Eee what a burst of relief for her

I can feel the pressure lifting.

So shut it off now, or at least please turn it down.
The iron gates are clashing closed and I can just make out your darling freckles.
I’ll draw imaginary lines on you, connecting them crookedly when your face tickles.
And this was our perfect moment.
It’s so nice in here again, and all away from it.
Much safer than a bleed out.
If you hav’nt got a penny, a ha’penny will do.
If you hav’nt got a ha’penny, super-impose Malorie.
Not a chance.
I will not devastate my soul.
And we don’t believe in angels anymore, right?

Shut it off.


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